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Welcome to Lego® Therapy Belfast owned and operated by Kerry McQuade-Mallon. Kerry is an Accredited Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor, Kerry has been working with children and young adults for over 30 years, and provides clinical supervision to trainee (Cert/Diploma) and qualified Play Therapist for PTUK/PTI and to Therapeutic Practitioners from a number of other governing bodies.

Kerry is also a qualified Lego® based Facilitator offering one to one, group and family session of Lego® based Therapy, as well as Summer, Halloween and Easter Lego® Workshops at a number of locations in:
  • North Belfast
  • West Belfast
  • Lisburn 

What is Lego® based Therapy

LEGO® based Therapy is an innovative approach that harnesses the creativity and collaborative nature of LEGO® building to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other children with social communication challenges. Developed by Dr. Daniel B. LeGoff, this therapy focuses on improving communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills through structured play.

How it Works

In our program, children work in small groups to complete LEGO® projects. Each child takes on a specific role, such as:

•         Engineer: Is responsible for the design.

•         Supplier: Finds and provides the necessary pieces.

•         Builder: Assembles the pieces according to the design.

By working together to achieve a common goal, children practice important social skills in a supportive and enjoyable setting.

The Benefits of Lego® based Therapy 

•  Enhanced Communication: Children learn to express their ideas clearly and listen to others. 

•         Improved Cooperation: Teamwork is essential as children take turns and share responsibilities. 

•         Boosted Confidence: Completing projects successfully helps build self-esteem. 

•         Problem-Solving Skills: Kids develop resilience and creativity as they work through challenges. 

•         Fun and Engaging: The playful nature of LEGO® makes therapy enjoyable and motivating.

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Our programs are designed for children aged 5-16 with a variety of social skill levels, but we also cater for family groups. Whether your
child is new to LEGO® or a seasoned builder, they will find joy and growth in our sessions.

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Ready to get started? Reach out to us to learn more about our program, schedule a session, or ask any questions. Together, we can help your child build a brighter future "one brick at a time!".  Call us on the mobile or complete the simple contact form at the bottom of the page. 

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Here at Lego® Therapy Belfast we provide a number of services including:
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  • LEGO® Workshops configurable to your needs
  • LEGO® based Summer Schemes
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